Impact Lead Climate Justice

Scope: Global

Reports to: Head of Strategy & Impact

Level: Senior

Office: Global, Preferably Netherlands but can be in any Hivos office

Hours: 32-36

About Hivos

Hivos is an international development organization guided by humanist values. Together with citizens and their organizations, we aim to contribute towards just, inclusive and life sustaining societies where people have equal access to opportunities, rights and resources. We work in partnership with others in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America on three impact areas: civic rights; gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and climate justice. Our approach is solution driven, and we build wider movements for change by amplifying and connecting voices.

You are an expert on climate change, inclusion and human rights, an innovative and solution- driven strategist who will be leading and coordinating the “thinking” of Hivos in the area of Climate Justice. You have excellent ideas for finding people-centered solutions in the area of Climate Justice and operationalizing Hivos’ strategy in measurable building blocks for program development and resource mobilization.


The Impact Lead Climate Justice (IL-CJ) is a member of the Strategy & Impact (S&I ) department and reports to its Head. This objective of both this department and position is to position Hivos as a global player, influence thinking and action to further the Climate Justice agenda, increase inclusion, and share best practices of Hivos’ programs and partners in our Climate Justice impact area.

S&I staff, and the Lead positions in particular, are closely linked to business development and program implementation. The S&I team is jointly responsible for developing Hivos’ Strategic Compass and related strategies. The members coordinate and/or participate in the process of gathering, enriching and disseminating knowledge, experiences, evidence and ideas, and they make sure these all originate from and are supported by Hivos staff and stakeholders.

The IL-CJ works closely with:

  • other Impact Leads and DMEL colleagues in the S&I department
  • program and project managers across the organization to ensure that our strategies are implemented, and that the lessons learned from this guide our linking and learning agenda
  • the Business Development department to deliver building blocks, content and strategic inputs for designing new programs
  • the Executive Board, the Management Team, and our Communication colleagues to position Hivos globally

Our strategies for promoting local leadership and ownership of our partners, and of CSOs and social movements working on Climate Justice, will need to be further operationalized. The IL-CJ will play a crucial role in realizing this.


The IL-CJ is responsible for coordinating Hivos’ lobby and advocacy efforts on Climate Justice worldwide and for lobby and advocacy towards Hivos main donors. Your aim is to ensure a coherent advocacy strategy, achieve Hivos’ Climate Justice objectives, make sure Hivos program implementation reaches its lobby and advocacy targets, and position Hivos as a key player in Climate Justice.

The IL-CJ, in collaboration with the other Impact Leads, DMEL staff, and colleagues in program implementation worldwide, is also responsible for:

  • furthering and elaborating Hivos’ overall intervention strategies
  • gathering evidence of the effectiveness of these intervention strategies
  • leading co-creation of our multi-actor initiative (MAI) strategy and tools, and developing tools and training for Hivos staff and for partner organizations
  • leading, co-creating and coordinating efforts throughout Hivos to further innovative funding for our objectives and partners, embedding this operationally in all aspects of Hivos’ work, and developing related tools and training

Executing these responsibilities means very close collaboration and division of labor with program managers worldwide and with the Business Development department.


  • Strategy development and implementation: Leads strategy development in this impact area and translates this strategy into building blocks for new interventions and business development. Proposes new concepts and products, and safeguards the focus of this impact area in line with the Strategic Compass, taking into account local ownership and behavioral change (“moving the middle”) as key elements.
  • Innovation for change: Keeps track of and identifies trends and developments outside and within this thematic area that can lead to a more effective implementation of Hivos’ Climate Justice strategy. Stimulates and enables internal innovation to facilitate business development and program implementation. Makes proven methods and tools available for staff. Ensures Hivos initiates or joins new partnerships, coalitions and movements in the Climate Justice area to deliver new or amplified solutions and results.
  • Evidence-based approach: Is responsible for the development, description and maintenance of Hivos’ intervention strategies in the area of Climate Justice, including codification of our (standardized) overall Theory of Change and strategies. Leads with support of dedicated DMEL staff the development of corporate M&E frameworks in the area Climate Justice. Uses new evidence-based insights in the area of Climate Justice to accelerate impact results, and focuses on scale.
  • Knowledge integration: Distils themes and related product development from internal and external practice. Ensures a viable internal learning agenda and promotes innovative practices within Climate Justice impact area. Identifies and supports synergy between Hivos’ three impact areas.
  • Lobby & advocacy/external positioning: Develops corporate strategies and campaigns and the relevant implementation parameters to join forces with people, organizations and donors. Facilitates the necessary preconditions for successful advocacy and lobby activities and innovation. Acts as and is recognized as Hivos’ expert and advocate for Climate Justice-related topics globally.
  • Sparring partner and networking: Acts as a sounding board for Business Development (BD) in the process of formulating new Climate Justice programs. Ensures the feedback loop from program implementation and lessons learned into BD. Oversees and influences the quality of BD program proposals, and connects BD with relevant networks.
  • Internal change: Acts within the organization as a champion of Climate Justice. Raises awareness on Climate Justice-related institutional issues and ensures implementation of the Climate Justice strategy within Hivos. Also integrates Hivos’ GEDI strategy and promotes GEDI objectives internally and externally in the Climate Justice impact area and intervention strategies.
  • Team performance & collaboration: Takes a positive attitude to both opportunities and failures. Values and uses the full potential of the organization. Looks actively for linkages within the department as well as with other parts of the organization. Prevents silos and stresses the unity of strategy and organization.


  • Has at least 10 years of relevant experience: is an expert in the field.
  • Has a clear vision on Climate Justice and inclusion; uses a people-centered approach to ensure institutional change and inclusive decision making.
  • Is able to lead on strategy and positioning of Hivos.
  • Thinks and acts strategically based on evidence and reality, while at the same time proposing and co-creating new solutions.
  • Is a credible Hivos Climate Justice champion at national and international level and a convincing internal ambassador to ensure Hivos’ operations will also become climate neutral.
  • Can combine thought leadership with a pragmatic solution-driven attitude.
  • Is able to maintain a wide network.
  • Is good at working with, influencing and leading others.
  • Is innovative, service-oriented and manages relationships effectively.

How to apply

How to apply

Please apply before 31 July 2022 using the following link

Both a letter of motivation and resume/CV in PDF format need to be submitted in English.

Hivos reserves the right to close the position before the application deadline if a suitable candidate is identified. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

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