Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (LFO)

Closing date:

Develop, maintain and strengthen monitoring and evaluation system, plan, tools and
procedures with analyzing and discussing findings based on regular monitoring data;
Provide inputs for the regular and standardized reporting of current and future projects and
internal and external organizational updates;
Prepare baseline surveys, formatted questionnaires to survey quantitative and qualitative
information or Focus-Group discussions for all youth program and projects
Support in reporting–by ensuring monitoring and evaluation activities are implemented as
planned with quality data collection and analysis tools are in place;
Work with all stakeholders and the youth team to ensure the collection of relevant data needed
for an effective M&E system to be utilized in monitoring strengths, weaknesses and gaps in
existing activities;
Prepare quantitative and qualitative data analysis and contribute to drafting reports presenting
overall progress on achievements, results and impact;
Support the implementation of the Lessons Learnt mechanism of all unrwa youth unit projects
Participate in formulating recommendations, providing inputs and support decision making
processes that are M&E evidence-based, in reports and project proposals;
Maintain, update and ensure the proper functioning of the Youth Unit Dashboard
M&E officer will be responsible for all M&E activities for all youth unit current and planned
future projects
Performs other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor(s).
Project Specific:
Monitor all KFW CfW Youth Employment component activities and progress towards
achieving the project output;
Organise and implement the Tracer study medium-term evaluation by preparing the
methodology, updating the questionnaire, planning, and monitoring for the data collection
through supervising surveyors, as well as, ensuring the good functioning of the online form
along with data cleaning and validation;
Maintain KFW CfW YEC feedback hub by consolidating and analyzing answers to the job
creation entrance and exit surveys, as well as Feedback forms and report the results on
quarterly basis;
Support the implementation of the Lessons Learnt mechanism of the KFW CfW Youth
Employment component project and participate in monthly planning meetings;
Contribute to ESC labor market information system in data collection, consolidation and data
analysis within the cash for work project;
Innovation Labs/GIL:
Monitor all GIL activities and progress towards achieving the project targets and output
Maintain, update and ensure the proper functioning the current data collection and reporting
systems (MasterGIL) for all GIL activities
Coordinate with UNICEF on data collection and M&E-related requirements for reporting
Organize the evaluation of the SNHU project activities and prepare subsequent analysis to
prepare Lessons Learnt
Provide support in all internal or external evaluations or research initiatives, compliant with
UNRWA standards and frameworks, in cooperation with the partner.
Monitor the placement of SNHU students in internships through the Youth Innovation and
Employment Hubs
Organise the data collection and analysis of SNHU students’ answers to the Tracer study to
measure the medium-term impact of the project.

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