Program Manager

Summary of the Role

Under the supervision of the Country Director (CD), the incumbent will lead the management and coordination of the TaRL Program in Côte d’Ivoire (CIV), including leadership on content and training (C&T) at country level, in order to support efforts aiming at expanding the program in the country. The Program Manager (PM) will also support TaRL initiatives in the WCA region as required and provide support to TaRL Africa central teams and partners on cross-cutting initiatives and strategies aiming at improving TaRL programming especially in the WCA region.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Strategy
  • Contribute to the strengthening of government ownership and to the sustainability of the program.
  • Help to set up systems, structures, and support in such a way that facilitates growth of identified programs.
  • Design/adjust programs with the central and country team and government so that they can be delivered effectively while being sustainably scaled.
  • Assist government partners in financial planning for scale-up.
  • Assist TaRL Africa research team in designing and implementing research projects to improve the program.
  • Work with other TaRL Africa countries and regional coordinators in addressing common challenges and finding solutions.
  • Support the communications strategy, fundraising and donor management.
  1. Program management and coordination
  • Coordinates with TaRL country teams and partners to plan and deliver results in line with country goals and in alignment with TaRL Africa central goals as well as government PNAPAS (Programme National amelioration des Premiers Apprentissages Scolaire (National Program for Enhancing Early Learning).
  • Collates and understands underlying needs, challenges, and strengths of programs in the country.
  • Engage with internal and external teams/experts to gather and evaluate program impact and data for decision making.
  • Ensure that MENA (Ministère de l’Education Nationale et de l’Alphabétisation (Ministry of National Education and Literacy in Côte d’Ivoire) is taking responsibility for achieving the goals of the program set in the PNAPAS log frame. This will require managing the program well.
  • Track program activities and progress against the action plans, log-frame, Gantt chart and other relevant program proposal deliverables.
  • Ensure periodic quality submission of progress reports (narrative and financial) and updates on indicators to the TaRL Africa team and donors.
  • Support the relevant government officials to identify financial support for the program, such as CLEF funding and incorporate this into budget processes.
  • Support country-level financial management, monitor and manage relevant budgets and ensure financial management policies and donor conditions are followed.
  • Lead reporting process for all donors and internal requirements.
  1. Program implementation (Content and training)
  • Ensure proper implementation of interventions in the field (this includes classroom practice, regular classroom visits, sustained commitment to pedagogical practices with a view to continuous improvement).
  • Develop expertise in the TaRL approach and provide pedagogical support:
  • Support the development of pedagogical content for Reading and Maths
  • Practice the TaRL methodology in the classroom to build the practical skill set
  • Ensure communication between TaRL Africa Côte d’Ivoire and the TaRL Africa central pedagogical content and training team, as well as the Pratham study (India)
  • Provide technical support to other TaRL programs in the French-speaking West and Central Africa region (as opportunities arise).
  • Review, refine and continually improve teaching and learning resources and techniques through spending time in the classroom testing new materials and classroom techniques which respond to challenges identified through data and experience, as well as working with teachers and government officials to reflect on the content and re mould as required
  • Ensure that lessons learned and evidence from the program is being applied to make the program remain effective as it moves to scale.
  • Shares and implements good practice with teams and partners to achieve solutions and dynamic results.
  1. Partnership management
  • Assist the work with policymakers and partners to build their understanding of TaRL.
  • Support to maintain critical relationships with government and other partners, and ensure the work with the Jacobs Foundation, FID, MENA, CNPEC, GLPE, GTOE, CLEF UGP and other partners on the program is well coordinated.
  • Share regular program updates with relevant stakeholders.
  • Represent TaRL Africa, in agreement with the CD, in Côte d’Ivoire, at events with other development partners, funding agencies/donors, government agencies and other relevant parties.
  • Represent TaRL Africa, in agreement with the CD, at technical working groups and other relevant coordination frameworks.
  • Contribute to maintaining good relationships with partners in the West Africa region and participate in events as needed.
  1. Team management
  • Line manages the French and Maths Associates with a focus on the TaRL approach integration in the MENA system.
  • Work closely with the French and Maths Associate who supports the government technically as well as with the Senior MLE Associate and the Finance and Admin Associate/Manager.
  • Support the coordination of the program in other regions (e.g.PEC in the North) by attending regular meetings and proofreading coordination documents such as concept notes, ToRs, budgets, workplans.
  • Collaborate closely with the TaRL Africa central team that is based in countries all over Africa.
  • Set team goals and priorities regularly and manage work plans.
  • Work closely with the team to ensure that the program is on track and is effectively moving towards its goals.
  • Support a cohesive, creative and comfortable working environment while keeping team members motivated.
  • Assist to supervise, train and coach team members and provide regular effective feedback.
  1. TaRL Expansion in other Francophone countries/across West Africa
  • Support others TaRL initiatives and programming across West Africa, especially in Guinea.
  • Support the development of new TaRL programme proposals.
  • Provide strategic planning support to new TaRL programs in francophone countries in line with new needs.
  • Help to develop and implement the Fundraising Strategy for CIV and other countries in line with needs.
  • Work with the Central Team to identify and manage potential risks in new programs.


Required Minimum Qualifications

  • Degree in Social Sciences, Project Management or relevant field.
  • 5 to 7 years’ work experience in the development field.

Required minimum Skills and Competencies

  • Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to collaborate and work with others, to create trusted client relationships.
  • Excellent organizational skills to manage multiple projects/programs and competing priorities.
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills in both French and English; can effectively communicate and be comfortable both in the academic world and in a dynamic fast-growing organisation.
  • Ability to think critically and analytically, and identify and troubleshoot potential issues before they arise.
  • Positive team player with a roll up your sleeves, customer-first attitude.
  • Interest in children’s learning and quality education.
  • Experience working internationally.
  • West Africa experience is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of academic policies and processes.
  • Good communication and collaboration skills with government officials and partners.

TaRL Africa Values

  1. We put children’s learning first.
  2. We are always learning, improving, and innovating.
  3. We are locally rooted for high-quality delivery and sustainable impact.
  4. We are kind, respectful and collaborative.
  5. We are proactive, committed to integrity and doing our best each day.

How to apply

Please fill in APPLICATION by 31st December 2023**.** Only applications submitted through the form will be accepted. Please note that, due to the large volume of applications, we will only be able to respond to short-listed applicants.

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