Renk Humanitarian Information Needs: Community Voices Bulletin, February 2024 / Issue #9

Preview of Humanitarian Information Needs Bulletin_Renk Issue #9 February 2024.pdf


Feedback from several displaced people in Renk highlights worries about their safety, housing conditions, access to healthcare, and financial support. The concerns include insufficient sleeping facilities, crammed shelters, and discontent with the timely and sufficient disbursement of cash support. Fears related to safety include violence and theft.

Inadequate health services highlight the need for improved assistance, necessary medical supplies, and upgraded infrastructure. Openness in aid is distribution and family contact routes should be strengthened. Concerns around sanitation and hygiene call for actionable policies and ongoing public awareness initiatives. In addition, some returnees are becoming increasingly concerned about having to relocate because of security concerns and the shortage of assistance in some locations. There have been concerns about hunger and rumors of starvation and extreme malnutrition. CEN is working with WFP and other agencies to debunk the misinformation and provide clarity on efforts being put in place by the aid agencies. Camp management is also working to address shelter and accommodation shortfalls

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