Somalia – Compounding shocks and forced internal displacement (DG ECHO) (ECHO Daily Flash of 22 August 2023)

  • Internal forced displacement in Somalia reached the highest recorded figures in the first half of 2023, caused by conflict, drought, and floods. The total population displaced has reached 1,465,893, with conflict and floods being the main drivers in 2023.
  • The combined effect of El Niño and Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), expected for the second half of 2023, creates high likelihood of a one in 100-year flood event, mainly affecting the communities along the Juba and Shabelle rivers.
  • Disease outbreak due to contaminated and stagnant water would also occur, exacerbating the impact of severe acute malnutrition. Several parts of the country are already experiencing ongoing cholera and acute water diarrhea (AWD) outbreaks with over 11,000 cases to date in 2023.
  • DG ECHO supported disaster preparedness and response, as well as health and nutrition partners, are being mobilised to mitigate the humanitarian consequences of such compounding shock.

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