Staff Nurse (Roster All Areas)

Closing date:

Performs all nursing services, including maternal and child care, home visits, family planning,
immunization, specialized clinics, health education and counseling;
Provides technical guidance in the electronic medical record system for staff in the assigned
health centre, including training of staff, accuracy of entered data and the generation of
Provides technical support to nursing staff and others in all matters related to infection control
Ensures the proper recording and reporting of health information from nursing staff under
her/his supervision;
Provides technical support and guidance to practical nurses and midwives in the Family
Health Team she/he is assigned to;
Under the supervision of the Senior Staff Nurse, controls and keeps records of equipment,
uniforms, linen, sundries and other medical supplies needed for nursing activities; ensures
their continued availability and supervises disposal of used items;
Supervises and maintains a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in the health centre;
Conducts on-the-job training of staff and participates in the in-service courses as and when
Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

How to apply

Please find below the link to a video that guides applicants on how to apply to Job Openings
that approach you for guidance:

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